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For those of you confused or curious about the "fairy garden" concept, here are a few photos of the plants, products and of course the tags that I've drawn for Rabbit Shadow Greenhouse and Fairy Gardening.

These are some of the miniature "Fairy Flower" plants. For each, I drew a unique fairy based on poetry written by the owner (Emily Sorenson). When coming up with ideas for a fairy, I try to take into account the plant's distinct attributes and native origin (though, that is not always possible because many are hybrids). Also most of the wings are based on actual butterflies from this great site: World Butterfly Index.

This is one of the box kits that can be purchased for the mini garden. The kit comes with a basic set of accessories (furniture, pebbles and path stones) but there are a variety of other pieces that can be purchased separately. 

Of course the plants and accessories also can be arranged in any nook or container... 

I think the purse is especially creative.

The plants are purchased separately from the kits, so the overall design of each is completely up to the buyer. 

As of right now, I have drawn 40 different fairies. Hopefully the business will continue to grow and I will be commissioned to draw a line of herb and succulent fairies as well. In the more immediate future, the owners are looking into using my drawings to create figurines for the gardens.

African Violet

Sensitive Plant (this one reacts to touch)

Sample Tags:

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