November 12, 2011

Silent Music

by: James Rumford

I thought this was a beautiful story told exquisitely by its form.

Silent music is the story of Ali, a boy living in Bagdad, and his study of Arabic calligraphy. As the story develops, we see that it is the lens through which Ali sees and relates to the world. The fluidity of his pen stroke embodies the energy and rhythm of his life. He sees the rising and falling momentum of his soccer game in the gliding of his pen just as he sees the cadence of his culture’s music in the flowing script. And like Yakat the thirteenth century calligrapher he reveres, Ali turns to calligraphy to deal with the war dividing his country.

Rumford’s patterned collages at times border on abstraction further strengthening the potent metaphor he builds throughout the story.


 Though the story’s content remains politically charged, Rumford delicately balances it with Ali’s discerning observations and his “glistening letters of rhythm and grace.”

"It's funny how easily my pen glides down the long sweeping hooks of the word 
HARB -- war...

how stubbornly it resists me when I make the difficult waves and slanted staff of 
SALAM -- peace..."

"how much I have to practice until this word flows 
freely from my pen."

August 25, 2011

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June 29, 2011

All The Fishes


The Tide

The ache
ebbs and flows in her like the tide –
at times swelling and spilling
out through her eyes.

Waxing and waning as if with the moon,
it drowns then dries her out.

Devastating not with cataclysmic force,
but rather persistence and indifference,

it gradually claims towering cliffs and solid stone.

And yet,

when it pools in small parts,
the most delicate, crystalline creatures take shape.

They rise during the calm equilibrium
between the oscillating pendulum’s opposite ends.

Their luminescent limbs skim the glass smooth surface –
while they wade in the brief interim.