March 15, 2012

Coaster Collages

I made these for my mom a few months ago using clear casting resin and potted plant trays (the base that catches extra water). I found the resin, "Envirotex Lite Pour-On High Gloss Finish" at Michael's and the trays are from Home Depot. I still haven't perfected the technique so there are a few bubbles. They probably could have been eliminated with a heat gun. All I had at the time was a hair dryer -- though it worked, it disturbed the surface a lot more than a heat gun would have and it didn't get the resin quite as hot. The heat makes the resin more viscous and causes the air bubbles to rise.

The illustrations used in this one are from Mercer Mayer's books When I Get Bigger and There's An Alligator Under My Bed. They were two of the books I distinctly remember reading at bedtime. 

This picture was taken at Steamboat Lake and the flowers are from the front garden of my childhood home. I found them in an old flower press after we moved.

This picture, also taken at Steamboat lake, is of of my younger sister who was notorious for eating gravel and rocks as a toddler.

And of course... here is the quintessential bath-time picture found in everybody's 'early years' photo album. Oddly enough, I still remember looking for animal shapes in that 1960's patterned tile on the wall. 

I loved the dimensionality of this project -- each feels like a little shadow box. I was able to include elements that normally would be too bulky for a scrapbook.