Senior show: take two... not exactly

Since graduating in May, I have been developing a new body of work -- or rather expanding upon an old one. Before I began working on my book, I had been experimenting with various types of collage.

Recently I decided to push my photo collaging technique by trying to incorporate pictures from my past. In my previous work, I only used pictures that I had taken specifically for the purpose of collage. My newest pieces however include pictures taken by friends or parents from all stages of my life. Though the process has presented new limitations, it has produced an intriguing mix of memories and perspectives.

My work will be up at off the Beaten path for the month of November

Notes on the Project:

Resin is liquid evil unless done properly. BEWARE

1. Seal the piece with something first
2. For large flat surfaces, use Envirotex Lite (pour on high gloss finish) NOT Casting Resin. Though  
    casting resin seems to apply smoothly it does not dry evenly
2. Setup is crucial
     a. clean dust/hair free environment, with ventilation, that stays at about 70 degrees at all times
     b. disposable plastic gloves
     c. a level table that is covered in plastic -- the plastic MUST lay flat otherwise it may stick to the    
         project or mess up the edges as the resin drips over the sides
     d. raise the project off the plastic -- put something underneath it but away from the edges if possible
3. Follow the mixing instructions exactly -- find the right mixing containers & utensils  (IMPORTANT)
4. A heat gun works just as well as a blow torch for removing air bubbles
5. Plan at least two days for drying time


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